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Tooth harrow BZ-22

 SpiketoothharrowBZ-22 isasimpleuniversalandreliabletoolforsoilprocessing,incomparisonwithothertoolsitismore advantageous due to great efficiency and quality of work.

Active harrow element is a knife-shaped tooth, which is fixed on the hinged frame, has a diamond shape. If to compare this shape with the cubic one, which has been used for more than 50 years, it allows to improve the quality of tillage before sowing: namely, it improves crumbling of soil clods, and also a diamond shape enables reducing a plowing resistance.

In its turn, it results in extending the plow width and overall productivity as well as reducing the fuel costs and machine operating costs.

The frames with the teeth have a flexible, ball-and-socket structure that is why they easily follow the terrain, and heavy load over each tooth make it perform its primary function which is breaking up the soil surface without hollowing it out. Besides, the hinged harrow structure allows coping with any possible plant debris. Even a straw swath, which can usually clog the hard disc harrows, will be ideally distributed over the soil surface after the first run of our machine as the total length of two sweeper harrows is 5 m.

Even distribution of plant debris, which will contribute to the soil protection against water and wind erosion, is a key to better work of the machines such as cultivators and seeding machines continuing the tillage. It goes without saying that the future harvest depends on the qualitative seeding machine work.

The tooth itself is made of high-strength steel 60C2A

which increases the wear resistance of the working member.

There are two possible ways of setting a machine in active and passive regime in order to regulate the tooth impact on the soil and nutrient rich debris. The operational depth of soil processing is 3-6 cm which is very important in spring. You can start working in the field much earlier. Unlike a cultivator, a sweeper harrow is not so sensitive to wet ground as it is not prone to be clogged or stuck. On the contrary, a sweeper harrow can level the wet ground much better than imported cultivators having grinded the soil completely. Thanks to this fact a lot of our clients rejected to process the ground by the cultivators for particular croppers in spring, they just harrow the soil 1-2 times and then start planting.

The flexibility and mobility allow moving from one field to another. A tractor driver does not need any assistance in assembling and disassembling the machine, it takes just 5 minutes to convert a harrow into a vehicle and vice versa.