Products Mowing Hinged duplex mowers KD-210 and KD-165

Hinged duplex mowers KD-210 and KD-165

Hinged duplex mower is intended for mowing of the sowed and natural grasses on flat sites with laying in swath. Also hinged duplex mower is intended for the cutting grasses on slopes and embankments. The mower is aggregated with agricultural tractors of general purpose or universal-arable tractors of class 0,9-1,4.


Coverage, m  no more2,11,65

Productivity in hour,basic time,hectare/h:

to 2,9to 2,3
Productivity in hour,operational time,hectare/h:to 2,03to 1,6
Weight, kg, no more225210
Operating speed, km/h, no more15 15
Transport speed, km/h, no more2525
Shear height, mm40-6040-60
Driving power, kilowatt, no more7,55,7
Can be aggregated with tractors of class0,9-1,40,6

Overall dimensions, mm (without kardanny transfer),no more 

- length11001100

- heigth


  in transport position:

- length11001100

- heigth

Frequency of rotation of the shaft of reception of power (SRP), mines-1540±5540±5
Step of fingers and segments of the cutting device, mm76,2±1,576,2±1,5
Course of a knife and manual bar, mm38,1±1,538,1±1,5
Clearance, no less than, mm400400

The main difference of the mower with the duplex cutting device from the mower with the segment and manual cutting device consists that fingers of the cutting device are fixed in it on a back of a manual bar and make back and forth motion towards to segments with the drive from a cranked shaft. Such device of the cutting device allows to increase cutting speed twice at the same turns on conducted to a pulley that allows to receive purer cut of herbage. Besides, back and forth motion of fingers provides opportunity to make mowing of the lain-down herbs and mowing at damp herbage.

The duplex cutting device allows to increase the speed of movement of a tractor to 15km/h at excellent quality of mowing that considerably increases productivity.

            The drive of the cutting device is executed on сайлентблоках that provides softness and noiselessness of operation of the mower.

            On the mower the design of a field board which doesn't allow a sgruzhivaniye of a mowed grass on a board even at the lain-down herbage is changed.

            Fastening of a manual bar and knife, to the drive mechanism, is executed quick-detachable that facilitates work of the service personnel on replacement of segments and fingers.