Products Mowing Segment-finger mowers KS-210, KS-160

Segment-finger mowers KS-210, KS-160

 Mower operation

During the movement of the mower the finger of the cutter bar split the mowed grass into narrow strips which during the mower movement forward are cut with the knife with has a reciprocating motion. The grass cut with the cutter bar is transferred over the finger beam. With further movement of the machine it is removed with the landside plate to the left and laid in a row clearing a space for the following passage of the right wheel of the tractor and the shoe of the cutter bar.



Segment-finger mowers КS-210 and КS-160:



Special features

- system of double copying;

-in comparison with analogues the mower has a more reliable frame and a beam of the cutter bar, increased performance of the protecting device;

- the mower frame is made from square tubes which significantly increases its resistance and provides ease of manufacture;

- the beam of the cutter bar is made from laminated spring steel and manufactured in the form of a spring which increases its resistance and excludes bending of a beam;

- fastening of the beam of cutter bar to the inner shoe is changed which excludes unfastening during the mower operation;

- the finger beam consists of fourteen double fingers attached to a strip of steel 60С2А. Fingers has two cutting edges – top and lower. Fixing the finger to the beam with two bolts ensure reliability of their fixation. Fingers have a picked toe which excludes packing up of the beaten-down grass stand.

- the changed outer shoe excludes its clogging with mowed grass;

- fixation of the drive pulley bracket to the frame excludes distortion of the drive pulley and provides convenience of adjustment of belt tension;

- the construction of the dragbar is changed;

- the construction of the rod provides a single-sided support to the knife of the cutter bar;

- the mower has a finger cutter bar –with a special knife of SHUMACHER type;

- the cutter bar with the fingers of SHUMACHER type reduces the cutting force, as well as ensures a high cutting speed and close mowing due to which the root system is not violated when mowing perennial and wild grasses, as well as has a positive effect on their growth;

- the design of fingers provides secure fixation of them on the beam and excludes adjustment of clearances between the segments and the fingers;

- the finger of SHUMACHER type has a number of advantages that differ from other traditional hammered fingers, due to the closed design from high-grade steel it improves resistance against impacts from all sides improving the stability of the whole cutting system (for example, against stone impact); improved cutting edges and its intersections, as well as the rounded shape of the finger (presence of a large aperture providing a large space for a through flow of the mowed grass bulk and stems) facilitates the passage of the cut bulk; two cutting edges of the finger has very hard and wear-resistant surfaces which improves the cut performance and promotes a balanced stoke of the knife. As a result fingers have a long lifetime, the cutting force decreases, the power consumption is significantly reduced;

- the knife consists of the knife back, head and segments. The knife back is made from flat-rolled calibrated steel. The segments and the head are riveted thereon. The ball bearing is fixed in the head bore of the knife. Since fingers have top and lower cutting edges, then segments are one-by-one riveted with the cutting edge up and down. This design of the cutter bar stabilizes the operation of the knife in the vertical plane.

     - the knife back is made of segments fixed with hexagon fit gear bolts and on the reverse side – with lock nuts which provide a secure and long-lasting connection.

     - in the knife head there are forcing nuts and they are attached to the knife back with bolts;

     - bolts and nuts allow easy assembling of the knife at the working place and replace the broken segment in the field environment.