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Hinged duplex mowers KD-210 and KD-165

 Hinged duplex mower is intended for mowing of the sowed and natural grasses on flat sites with laying in swath. Also hinged duplex mower is intended for the cutting grasses on slopes and embankments. The mower is aggregated with agricultural tractors of general purpose or universal-arable tractors of class 0,9-1,4.

Mowing mashine "KS-F-2,1B-4" Hinged segment-finger mowing machine is designed for the sowed and natural grass mowing on the flat country and for the splay grass packing in the ricks. As compared to analogues the mowing machine KS-F-2,1B-4 has more firm frame and beam of cutting mechanism inclination is simplified and safeguard efficiency become higher. At client request the enterprise produces mowing machines with length of cutting mechanism of 1,6 m. At present the enterprise makes roll arrangements PV-2,1. At presents the enterprise make roll arrangements PV-2,1, designed for peas, vetches and other legumes mowing and for the splay grass packing in one or two ricks.
Segment-finger mowers KS-210, KS-160  During the movement of the mower the finger of the cutter bar split the mowed grass into narrow strips which during the mower movement forward are cut with the knife with has a reciprocating motion. The grass cut with the cutter bar is transferred over the finger beam. With further movement of the machine it is removed with the landside plate to the left and laid in a row clearing a space for the following passage of the right wheel of the tractor and the shoe of the cutter bar.
Two-beam mowing mashine "KDS-4,0" Two-beam segment-finger mowing machine is designed for the sowed and natural grass mowing on the big flat country with flat relief Mowing machine aggregates with wheeled tractor, class 1,4. Splay grass is packing in two ricks with coverage of 4 m at mowing. Modular construction and separate drive allow using of front mowing only, because of transfer box leaded from tractor shaft. In this case the vision is improving and there is a possibility of effective cutting on the districts of crosscountry and network circuit. There are cutters and drive elements of production-run mowing machine KS-F-2,1B-4, and also cutter fingers of stamped construction, which allows mowing process improving.