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Tooth harrow BZ-22  SpiketoothharrowBZ-22 isasimpleuniversalandreliabletoolforsoilprocessing,incomparisonwithothertoolsitismore advantageous due to great efficiency and quality of work.
Semitrailer tractor universal "PTU-7,5" Building-block design, tractor of class 1,4-2,0. Simitrailer without patched on boards PTU-7,5
is intended for transportation of various building dry loads and agricultural dry loads: root crops,
organic fertilizer with unloading in 3 side.
Skidding machine UT-2 “Spider”  Skidding machine  UT-2 “Spider”
Skidding machine "UT-1 "Spider-M"" This skidding machine is designed for trees and whips transportation at throw. Drive is from tractor hydraulic system.
Snow-plough hinged LS-2,5.00.000 Snow-plough hinged LS-2,5.00.000 is intended for cleaning of footways, roads and other area from fresh snow.  The snow-plough is hung on the frame of a tractor and has 6 fixed positions (straight and 2 turned - 30º to the left and to the right)
Special vehicle for transportation of rolls STS-12 It is intended for transportation of rolls hay, straw from a field in warehouses on storage. Use of the trailer for transportation of superficial cargoes is possible.
Speed field cultivators KPS-13 and KPS-13-1 The cultivator is designed for continuous preplant treatment of all types of mineral soils and cleaning of vapors from weeds, moisture closure, preplant breaking up of soil with cropping and combing of ofseed weeds
Terracer blade SN-250-1  Designed for cleaning of roads, sidewalks, playgrounds and other areas from snow, as well as for performing easy bulldozer works in all soil-climatic zones.
Tractor dump semitrailer PST-7-1B and PST-7-1.  PST-7-1B.

The PST-7-1B semi-trailer is intended for transportation of various construction and agricultural loose freights with a density up to 1,15 t/m3 (root crops, organic fertilizers, etc.) with unloading back.



The semi-trailer with nadstavny boards of PST-7-1 is intended for transportation of lightweight loose freights with a density up to 0,65 t/m3 (ground green mass - silage, haylage, freshly mown grass, hay, straw, sawdust, peat and peat, wood chips) with unloading backwards.

Tractor semitrailers multi-purpose tractor semitrailers PTU-4-1  Semitrailer PTU-4-1 with extruded beams is designed for transportation of lightweight bulk cargo with density up to 0.5 t / m3 (milled herbage - haulage, mown grass silage, hay, straw, sawdust, peat and peat dust, wood chips, etc.) with unloading back.