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Terracer blade SN-250-1

 Snow removal equipment SN-250 and SN -250-1

 Designed for cleaning of roads, sidewalks, playgrounds and other areas from snow, as well as for performing easy bulldozer works in all soil-climatic zones except mountainous on condition of the relief (slope) up to 10 degrees.

   The equipment is mounted on the rear draft hitch of the tractor and aggregated with the tractors of class 1,4 and 2.

   The equipment consists of the following structural elements (fig. 1):

- the blade;

- the frame for СН-250 or the beam and the mounted frame for СН-250-1

- the knuckle pin (3) fixed with the lock washer (4); the washer (5) and the nut М42х36 by means of which the connection of the blade with the frame or the beam is made (fig. 1).

   The blade is a welded construction consisting of the blade, support, lower bar to which rubber plates or steel knives are fixed with the use of bolts М12.

The blade has 5 fixed positions (-30о;-15о; 0; +15о; +30о) for the operation with the front travel of the tractor and 5 positions for the operation with the reverse travel of the tractor (the blade rotates by 360о) which are fixed in the right position depending on the direction of snow or ground removal with the use of bolts (7) and washers (8). In case of necessity of frequent change of the blade position in order to reduce time for change-over it is allowed to use the axis with the diameter of 20 mm with the quickly removable split pin.

In addition to it, the beam of the snow removing machine СН-250-1 балка (12)  (fig. 2) may rotate by the angle 15о or 30о  - from the longitudinal positions and fix in this position.