Products Grass working

APPA-6-02  The unit soil-cultivating-sowing  with disk working bodies
MULTIFUNCTIONAL TILLAGE OUTFIT APM-6А  The outfit is designed for stubble dehulling, mulch tillage for postcut, stubbly and autumn  cereal sowing, annual and perennial grasses formation treatment before tilling, autumn field treatment after the harvesting of potatoes, corn, beetroots, early-spring field leveling tillage and organic and mineral fertilizers digging-in, secondary tillage for crops, grain legumes, potatoes, corn, beet, flax and grass sowing.
Unit Disk Soul-Cultivating "APD-7,5" Is designed for not deep, mixing cultivation of stubble (removing of stubble), for the preplant soil cultivation, for the soil cultivation after putting liquid dung. The unit is aggregated with the tractors of a class 3,0-5,0.
Unit Soul-Cultivating "APN-3" Unit APN-3 is designed for not deep, mixing cultivation of stubble (removing of stubble) for the preplant soil cultivation after putting dung. The unit is equipped with the roller for crushing coarse lumps of soil, rolling and leveling. It’s possible to design a unit with coverage of 3,5 m.