Products Semitrailers Semitrailer tractor universal "PTU-7,5"

Semitrailer tractor universal "PTU-7,5"

Building-block design, tractor of class 1,4-2,0. Simitrailer without patched on boards PTU-7,5 is intended for transportation of various building dry loads and agricultural dry loads: root crops, organic fertilizer with unloading in 3 side.


Carrying capacity, t 7,5
Body cubic capacity, m3 5,5 + 0,15
Own weight with patched on boards, kg 2500
Overall dimensions, mm, length Width, Height 5400x2550x1850
The internal sizes of a body mm,length Width,Height 4000 + 20 / 2300 + 10 /600 + 10
Loading height on the floor of the platform, mm 1200
Transport speed, km/h Up to 25
Turnover angel of body, degree back, aside 50/50
Clearance, mm No less than 300
Building-block design, tractor of class 1,4-2,0.