Products Trailers Special vehicle for transportation of rolls STS-12

Special vehicle for transportation of rolls STS-12

It is designed for transportation of rolls of rotted straw, hay, thatch from the field to warehouses for storage. It is possible to use a semitrailer for transportation of light cargoes.

The vehicle consists of the following structural elements: the platform; fixed front and real sides; side flap pin-connected with the platform; opening hydraulic cylinders; the undercarriage consisting of the front vehicle dolly and the rear balance truck on pneumatic tyres; the drawbar hitch (hitch tongue), fixed heightwise with the adjustable spring.

The vehicle is equipped with pneumatic brakes and a motor-driven parking brake.

The vehicle is aggregated with wheeled tractors of class 2.0-3.0 equipped with the tow bar ТСУ-2 (hydraulic pick-up hitch), pneumatic brakes, the socket for connection of light signaling electrical equipment.