Products Mowing Two-beam mowing mashine "KDS-4,0"

Two-beam mowing mashine "KDS-4,0"

 Two-beam segment-finger mowing machine is designed for the sowed and natural grass mowing on the big flat country with flat relief Mowing machine aggregates with wheeled tractor, class 1,4. Splay grass is packing in two ricks with coverage of 4 m at mowing. Modular construction and separate drive allow using of front mowing only, because of transfer box leaded from tractor shaft. In this case the vision is improving and there is a possibility of effective cutting on the districts of crosscountry and network circuit. There are cutters and drive elements of production-run mowing machine KS-F-2,1B-4, and also cutter fingers of stamped construction, which allows mowing process improving.


Coverage, m 4,0
Operating rate, km/h 6-12
Weight, kg 540+10
Shear height, mm 40-80
Driving power, kilowatt up to 9,0
Building-block design, tractor of class 1,4
Productivity hectare/h 2.4-4.8
Overall dimensions wiht a tractor MTZ-80 in working position no more. Mm: Length Width 4360X5960
In transport position, mm Length Width Height 4360x2450x2550