Products Grass working Unit Soul-Cultivating "APN-3"

Unit Soul-Cultivating "APN-3"


Unit APN-3 is designed for not deep, mixing cultivation of stubble (removing of stubble) for the preplant soil cultivation after putting dung. The unit is equipped with the roller for crushing coarse lumps of soil, rolling and leveling. It’s possible to design a unit with coverage of 3,5 m.


Type hung
Working coverage, no less than, mm. 3,0
Working depth, cm. 3-12
Number of disks, pieces 12+12
Disk diameter, mm. 480±10/560±10
Frame construction hard
Demanding power, kVt. 70
Productivity (hectare/h) 3-4,5
Weight, no less than, kg. 1475
Transport width, mm. 3400
Attack battery angle, degree – front battery 15
- back battery 15
Building-block design, tractor of class 2-3